Fiberglass Fire Blanket Manufacturer Wholesale

We're fiberglass emergency fire blanket manufacturer wholesale suppliers. Fiberglass fire blanket is made out of fire retardant material that can be used to smother the flames. A fire blanket is a safety device designed to either extinguish a small fire or to wrap around a person as they escape a fire. Fire blankets are ideal for extinguishing grease and electrical fires, which can't be put out with water. Fire blankets deprive a small fire of oxygen by smothering it. In order to do this, fire blankets are made from fire resistant materials, such as wool or fiberglass. They may also be chemically treated to increase the fire resistance. A fire blanket can be used for a couple of different applications. Smothering the Fire The first way is to smoother the fire by cutting of the oxygen necessary for it to keep burning. Emergency fire blanket and pouch is easily stored and can be hung on the wall, for easy access. The pouch has reflective striping and directions for use are clearly printed on the front.

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